Roswell Jazz Festival 2012

The Roswell Jazz festival continued Friday, with a free concert on the courthouse lawn. The concert featured a variety of musical and vocal talent, including returning performer Eddie Erickson, who was the guest of honor on the day, and newcomer Yve Evans, who had the audience cracking up with her comedic musical number on one of the unfortunate side-effects that come with growing older, memory loss. At the time of the concert, Evans had not been in Roswell 24 hours, but said she was enjoying the city nonetheless. I’m having a ball,” she said. “I’ve had a really good burger and I’m staying at great place and I’m with all of my friends. It’s good.” She’s been a musician for 58 years and is a noted pianist, singer, band leader, producer, director, comedienne, actress or to sum it all up concisely, a Renaissance woman. One of the reasons she agreed to perform in Roswell was the chance to entertain in and experience a new city. “My favorite part is the entertaining part,” she said. “I just happen to be here with people I love and enjoy and respect. Some I’ve never met, some I have. I just wanted to be in a new place at a new jazz festival and see new faces. I kind of crave that since I travel a lot.” -- Chaunte'l Powell Hampton University. .

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