The Unforgettable YVE EVANS 

YVE EVANS AND COMPANY Unpredictable, Unforgettable, Unsurpassable Just returned from Iowa and two feet of snow for an annual concert at the Valley Jazz Club, Yve Evans was received like an out of town favorite daughter’s visit! To many of us there, she is one of the premier contemporary icons of classic jazz, with remarkable abilities to improvise and entertain from her piano bench, both vocally and instrumentally. Even her playlist seemed free-form, as she moved from song to song and mood to…

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Roswell Jazz Festival 2012 

The Roswell Jazz festival continued Friday, with a free concert on the courthouse lawn The concert featured a variety of musical and vocal talent, including returning performer Eddie Erickson, who was the guest of honor on the day, and newcomer Yve Evans, who had the audience cracking up with her comedic musical number on one of the unfortunate side-effects that come with growing older, memory loss. At the time of the concert Evans had not been in Roswell 24 hours, but said she was enjoying the city…

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An Interview by Cam Miller

Yve Evans interview