This Just In.....Yve Evans Takes A Dive.

"Yesterday, Wednesday October 15, 2008 Yve Evans decided to pull an Ann-Margaret. At the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree just after performing at the opening set Yve stepped out onto the apron of the stage to take a photo of the audience and the stage had a separation between the stage and a ledge for foliage (read hole) Yve stepped into this hole and fell about 4’. She landed on her left foot and side, breaking several bones in her foot and a fracture in her fibula just next to her knee. She also broke her hand, a fracture the ER called a boxers fracture (we always told Brad not to aggravate her). She is performing all the sets at the festival that she is scheduled for. But because she can’t play the piano easily with a broken hand, a sub-piano player was offered and accepted, this is how John Cocuzzi came to join us during the rest of the festival. This is a match made in heaven. Yve and John performed on a cruise last year and they had a great time working together. John and Yves Company had never met each other but during the first set that John played with Yves band the musical respect grew by leaps and bounds. John is doing double duty working with the Peter Meijers Quartet and now with Yve Evans and Company and we truly appreciate how he has stepped in to help in Yves hours of need. John Cocuzzi can work with this band whenever he wants to, and if he calls us to work for him, we will be there for him anytime he calls."

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