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Where is Yve Playing?

The Unforgettable YVE EVANS - December 7, 2012

Unpredictable, Unforgettable, Unsurpassable

Just returned from Iowa and two feet of snow for an annual concert at
the Valley Jazz Club, Yve Evans was received like an out of town favorite
daughter’s visit! To many of us there, she is one of the premier contemporary
icons of classic jazz, with remarkable abilities to improvise and entertain
from her piano bench, both vocally and instrumentally. Even her playlist
seemed free-form, as she moved from song to song and mood to mood, sometimes
combining songs as a medley, or quoting another tune within the one she was
playing. It’s rather spectacular, but she seamlessly fit the unplanned
renditions together, as her band, apparently as surprised as the audience,
skillfully adapted quickly, resulting in a one-time polished result never to be
played exactly the same, again.
Performing as a quartet this afternoon, Yve Evans and Company consisted
of Yve Evans, leader, vocals, and piano; Mike Simms, guitar; Bradley Bobo,
5-string solid body bass; and Larry Washington, drums. As Yve wants each
performance to be fresh and individual, she prefers no advance rehearsals; they
often don’t see each other together until they are on stage! That’s rather
amazing, but these musically adroit musicians work together with readiness
and gracefully competent interplay. They may not know exactly where Yve is
going or how she wants to get there, but no matter -- the band is ready!
The varied songs included: "On A Wonderful Day Like Today;" "I’m A
Woman;" a slowed "Stardust," Hoagy Carmichael’s classic; "I Love Being Here With
You;’ the light-hearted "Frim-Fram Sauce" associated with the Nat Cole Trio
in the 1940s; and a couple of country-western songs that crossed over well
with Yve’s touch, "Are You Lonesome, Tonight" and "Crazy," a phenomenal tune
picked up years ago as a beautiful clarinet solo by the great Abe Most. The
concert ended with "Skylark," a tune of beauty, sung with musical elegance.
Yve’s creativity and empathy for the message made it possible for her
to slip into the skin of one lyric, in particular, and give it unique body
and form, originated by her mood and feelings in the moment. Her serious
thought, meaningful songs, like this one, are sung without peer. Simply
beautifully sung, "Here’s To Life," made my afternoon -- perhaps my month. Capable of
thoughtful, yes, really thoughtful and emotional life story telling better
than anyone this side of Shirley Horn, "Here’s to life, here’s to
love,"’s to Yve! Thank you, Yve Evans and Company, for a wonderful afternoon.

Harvey Barkan

Roswell Jazz Festival 2012 - October 16, 2012

The Roswell Jazz festival continued Friday, with a free concert on the
courthouse lawn.
The concert featured a variety of musical and vocal talent, including
returning performer Eddie Erickson, who was the guest of honor on the
day, and newcomer Yve Evans, who had the audience cracking up with her
comedic musical number on one of the unfortunate side-effects that
come with growing older, memory loss. At the time of the concert,
Evans had not been in Roswell 24 hours, but said she was enjoying the
city nonetheless.
I’m having a ball,” she said. “I’ve had a really good burger and I’m
staying at great place and I’m with all of my friends. It’s good.”
She’s been a musician for 58 years and is a noted pianist, singer,
band leader, producer, director, comedienne, actress or to sum it all
up concisely, a Renaissance woman. One of the reasons she agreed to
perform in Roswell was the chance to entertain in and experience a new
“My favorite part is the entertaining part,” she said. “I just happen
to be here with people I love and enjoy and respect. Some I’ve never
met, some I have. I just wanted to be in a new place at a new jazz
festival and see new faces. I kind of crave that since I travel a

Chaunte'l Powell
Hampton University.


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The 22nd Annual Desert Stars Awards - November 15, 2009

BIG NEWS Yve Evans has HAS WON THE DESERT THEATER LEGUES BEST ACTOR AWARD for 2009 for her work in “Going to St. Ives” at the Arthur Newman Theater in Palm Desert.

This Just In.....Yve Evans Takes A Dive. - October 16, 2008

"Yesterday, Wednesday October 15, 2008 Yve Evans decided to pull an Ann-Margaret. At the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree just after performing at the opening set Yve stepped out onto the apron of the stage to take a photo of the audience and the stage had a separation between the stage and a ledge for foliage (read hole) Yve stepped into this hole and fell about 4’. She landed on her left foot and side, breaking several bones in her foot and a fracture in her fibula just next to her knee. She also broke her hand, a fracture the ER called a boxers fracture (we always told Brad not to aggravate her).
She is performing all the sets at the festival that she is scheduled for. But because she can’t play the piano easily with a broken hand, a sub-piano player was offered and accepted, this is how John Cocuzzi came to join us during the rest of the festival. This is a match made in heaven. Yve and John performed on a cruise last year and they had a great time working together. John and Yves Company had never met each other but during the first set that John played with Yves band the musical respect grew by leaps and bounds. John is doing double duty working with the Peter Meijers Quartet and now with Yve Evans and Company and we truly appreciate how he has stepped in to help in Yves hours of need.
John Cocuzzi can work with this band whenever he wants to, and if he calls us to work for him, we will be there for him anytime he calls."

YVE IS CANCER FREE!! - May 11, 2007

As of last month Yve is Cancer free. She is doing better, getting stronger everyday and even growing hair. White hair.......but it is coming back.

Yve would like to thank everyone for your Prayers, Cards, Donations, Flowers, and Kind Thoughts.

Yve has Cancer. - November 24, 2006

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